BozoBot DLL
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the BozoBot DLL?
A: The BozoBot DLL is an executable file that adds multiple features to WinHoldEm when loaded from the WinHoldEm install menu. For more information on what a DLL is please visit WinHoldEm's whuser.dll page.

Q: What features does the BozoBot DLL add to WinHoldEm?
A: We currently support the following features. A more detailed description on each feature can be found on the feature page.
  • Memory
  • Short Circuiting
  • Poker Tracker Data (MS Access)
  • Wait/Delay
  • Sounds
  • General Functions
  • DLL Add-on Support

Q: How does the BozoBot license work?
A: The BozoBot DLL license is a single computer based lifetime license. The license will work on one computer and does not need to be renewed yearly. License's are transferable and to do so you must contact me at

Q: Is there a trial version?
A: Yes. We have a limited trial version on the trial page. The trial includes 14 DLL symbols.

Q: What can I do to have a feature added to the BozoBot DLL.
A: We currently only allow symbol requests to customers and we try our hardest to add any such reasonable requests.