My License Key

   This page will show you how to find your BozoBot license key on your WinHoldEm Machine. Since our product is licensed by this unique key on your computer you must run the following whuser.dll in this section. This whuser.dll file when loaded will create a file called MyLic.txt. We require this file to be submitted when purchasing any of our products so that we can register our products to only your computer.

Click here to download the MyLic whuser.dll.
Click here to download the MyLic whuser.dll with corresponding source files.

Step 1 - Download the whuser.dll.

Step 2 - Put the whuser.dll in your WinHoldEm directory.

Step 3 - Load the whuser.dll.

Step 4 - Once the dll has been loaded, the dll will run and add the file MyLic.txt to your C:\ Directory. This file will have a single line of text stating your license key. Copy this line of text and send it to us when purchasing.

Step 5 - Purchase the BozoBot dll by clicking here.